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DaOpa's EVE - Online FanSite Logo . Drone Capacity, Drone bandwidth, High Slot, Mid Slot, Low Slot, Launcher Hardpoint, Turret Hardpoint, CPU, Powergrid. the option to click and drag a set of drones from the drone window into one of the high slots on your ship. an icon would appear much similar to. This would be a high slot module that provides dedicated remote rep for drones only. The trick is that it works out to whatever is your effective  Useful non-turret items for high slots - EVE New. I presume the lows are filled with DDAs and Highs are filled with missiles launchers, otherwise this suggestion wouldn't even touch your Gila - would it really hurt your Gilas performance if those lows were suddenly free to fill with Ballistic Control Systems instead? Short range laser turrets. What would really be possible that isn't now, what sacrifices would be needed to accomplish it, and why isn't it already being done currently? Also the lack of Gardes is disappointing. The missiles are to shoot drones you send at me, then shoot you when your drones are gone. Scoop to drone bay: Tengu Propulsion - Fuel Catalyst. Great for sentry drones, but less used for other drones, although it can still add some damage, especially if you use your drones against smaller ships e. This post is written in the form of a series of tips for It's not like anyone would fit ships without the max number of drone control unit if they are required to do anything. Your suggestion would make it so that I don't have room to fit launchers in the highs because that's where the DDAs go.

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Using mobile combat drones as extended-range weapons is not very effective, as it takes a lot of time for even the fastest drones to travel long distances. The fleet member can't control your assigned drones directly - the assigned drones will simply attack the last thing the fleet member activated a hostile module on. Note that the target fleet member in question has no control over the drone. The standard drone control range is 20,m 20km. You may qualify for a grant of up to million ISK - click the image above for more information. If nothing else, a Salvager even an off-lined Salvager can be valuable to a quicker ship in a PvP scenario to pick up a little extra ISK. Jester December 18, at 7: It will annoy you from time to time by using those extra slots to lock people who are attacking you, but even this can be a boon. Diaries of a Space Noob. They use frequency crystals as ammunition and deal EM and thermal damage. Finally, don't neglect the possibility of using an additional weapon or two!


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